Welcome to TandvårdCentralen!

TandvårdCentralen is your local dentist providing general and preventive dental care, advanced specialist care and/or emergency dental care. TandvårdCentralen is located in central Malmö. We are, of course, registered with Försäkringskassan (The Swedish Social Insurance Agency).

Professional and caring dentists.
TandvårdCentralen offers you the dental care you need, whether it is a routine check-up or major dental work. TandvårdCentralen provides qualified dental surgery, dentures and dental implants as well as aesthetic dental solutions. We also provide dental care for children and teenagers. We aim to give you a pleasant and positive experience when you come for your appointment as we know that most people dislike going to the dentist. We provide the best and most meticulous treatment possible so that you will not have to revisit us unnecessarily.

The largest emergency dental care provider.
TandvårdCentralen always keeps emergency time slots available so that you will be attended to immediately should you suffer from toothache or if you are experiencing other problems that cannot wait. An aching tooth, a lost filling or crown, an inflammation; you decide what your emergency is and we will ensure you get an appointment.

A central and easy to reach location.
TandvårdCentralen is located on Bergsgatan, not far from Möllevångstorget and Triangeln. There are good parking opportunities in the area and several bus routes stop nearby.

Welcome to TandvårdCentralen

Bergsgatan 12, 211 54 Malmö
Telephone 040-30 00 53

Always show your ID when you come for your appointment!